• Master Degree in Electronic Engineering, taken at the University of Padua (May 1998), with the specialization in Informatics.
  • Diploma as an Industrial Technician, in the field of Electronics, got in 1985 at the Industrial Technical Institute ” G. Chilesotti ” (located in Thiene), VICENZA.
  • Course DMA INTO: Introduction to Oracle and the SQL e PL/SQL languages, for the Oracle database administrators, in 5 days (from 13-10-1997 to 17-10-1997) at the Padua center of Elea Information Communication Technology.
  • Course DB7-Oracle7: architecture and administration I, for the Oracle database administrators, in 5 days (from 27-10-1997 to 31-10-1997) at the Padua center of Elea Information Communication Technology.
  • Course Microsoft MOC 2072A SQL Server 2000 administration, in 5 days (from 30-6-2003 to 4-7-2003) at the Padua center of Elea Information Communication Technology.
  • Course “Infrastrutture Sicure” (Safety of the Infrastructures) by ICT Security and “Wireless Network” by Wireless, in 2 days, (from 10 to 11 May 2003) Padua.
  • Course “Wonderware InTouch Scada Systems” by Wonderware in 1 day, June 2005 Milano.
  • From 1998 to 2005 – I participated in several refresher workshop, conferences and meetings on the development of supervision systems and data analysis, by using commercial software such as Wonderware InTouch, iFix, WinCC, Movicon and software technology such as OPC Server (at the ServitTecno center of Padua, SIEMENS at Milano, etc.).


  • 1998 – Currently – Software Architect and Senior Developer, System Integrator and Site Engineer. Software Architect and Senior Developer, System Integrator and Site Engineer. At present I am working in a company that is in the field of Industrial Automation for Metals and Steel Industry. I analyze the demands of the customers and suggest them technical solutions about Level 1 (PLC/HMI), Level 2 (Supervisory Process Control & SCADA) and Level 3 integration (Manufacturing Execution Systems), always taking into account the requirements of my company. I draw up the technical and standard specifications about the Level 1/2 systems and for challenging projects, I develop the operator interface, the middleware Level 2 services and the database structures and functionality.

    Representative Projects and Highlights:

    • Negotiation and review of the contracts about the HMI/SCADA and Level 2 systems, Mathematical and Statistical models, Data Logger and Systems Integration between heterogeneous systems.
    • For larger projects, analysis and assignment of tasks to the various team members with the subsequent coordination of activities. Analysis and compilation of documents, discussion with the Customer and final acceptance of the part of my pertinence.
    • Examining requirements and development of tools for data acquisition and analysis by using mathematical and statistical models. These data allows to draw the significant parameters of the production process and to define the quality of the final product. Study and development of new architectures (Level 2 and MES oriented), hardware/software solutions for production process monitoring, production data storage and self-learning control systems.
    • Design and development of a distributed application for project management with time and expense tracking, cost and budget management, planning and statistical reporting.
    • Planning of relational databases (SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL) by means of the study, the analysis and the design of the information flows and production processes, sometimes involving the final Customer and the Suppliers.
    • Writing technical and functional specifications, system requirements, installation and user support manuals. Making and exposition of software, documents and PowerPoint slides for business purposes.
    • Development of HMI/SCADA systems, highly configurable, for Microsoft Windows platforms with a multilingual support (including far eastern languages) and tag-oriented communications.
    • System and Network administration, maintaining of company web and mail servers, databases and systems running on virtual environments.
    • Planning of HMI and SCADA upgrades from DOS to Microsoft Windows platform (1998-1999). Co-ordination and development of program modifications and enhancements.
    • Commissioning for quite long periods as well and installations of the systems and software developed. Integration of the systems into the databases or the applications already in force at the customers. Training courses for the customers in order to teach them how to use and manage our systems.
    • Detailed list of the plant commissionings carried out (online).
  • 1997 – 1998, FENICE S.p.A., Valdagno, VICENZA, ITALY – Software Developer and System/Network Administrator. In this company, working in the field of chemicals for tanning industry, it has been developed a administration system Oracle database based. Besides being a software developer and the system administrator, I was responsible for the maintenance of the database and the Intranet, which used the Web Server, the Proxy and the Mail Server.
  • Since 1997 – Jobs performed as a Collaborator and a Consulting engineer.
    • Development of systems for the acquisition and the statistical analysis of information regarding the pollutants in the atmosphere. (General Instruments & Technologies s.n.c., BRESCIA).
    • Development and insertion of the company product catalogue into the Web. (LORA S.r.l., Brogliano, VICENZA).
    • Consultations supplied in order to plan company LAN networks for Microsoft Windows NT4.0/2000 and Linux systems with Mail/Web e Proxy Server (several local companies).
  • 1991 – Technical High School for Industry , Handicraft and Commerce “G. Garbin”, Schio, VICENZA, ITALY. Teacher of mathematics and physics at summer courses.


  • Mastery of the following operating systems: DOS, Microsoft Windows 95/98, NT4.0, Win 2K, Win XP, Win7 and Windows 2000/2003/2008 Server. Good knowledge of Linux/Ubuntu and the graphic environments KDE/GNOME. Fair knowledge of UNIX (UNIX System IV/V and X-Windows environment). Management of Windows/Linux mixed networks, of Mail Server, Proxy Server and Web Server, with Domain/Group and User/Login management.
  • Projects of relational databases for systems that use SQL Server, Oracle or Access including the development of middleware layer. DB Administrator on SQL Server and Oracle databases.
  • Languages used for developing applications: VB.NET/C#, Visual Basic, Delphi and C (C++). WEB oriented languages: Dynamic HTML, CSS, XML, Javascript/VBScript, PHP, ASP/ASP.NET, Python and CGI scripts. Database oriented languages: various SQL dialects such as T-SQL, PL/SQL, SQL:2003. Knowledge of Assembler of the families 80×86, Z80, 65xx, 68HC11 and DSP processors like Motorola DSP56xxx series.
  • Knowledge of the problems that the development of applications with the international support (multi-language software) involves.
  • Knowledge of diverse programming techniques for Windows, for example the use of Win32 API, Subclassing, Callbacking and Multithreading; knowledge in many Microsoft Technologies and in the several specific libraries like Micro.NET, DAO, ADO/OLEDB, ODBC, COM/DCOM, ActiveX, DirectX & OpenGL (3D), XNA (3D), SQL/CLR and .NET/Remoting.
  • Knowledge of some specific protocols or interface for industrial automation for instance MPI, Profibus, S7 Connection on TCP/IP, Modbus, GE Fanuc SRTP on TCP/IP, custom TCP/IP, OPC and some serial/TCP protocols belonging to various companies (Measurex, ABB, Demag, SEMS, PSI etc). Development of Communications libraries (.NET , DLL, and ActiveX) between PC and PLC for Microsoft Windows by using TCP/IP, OPC, S7, SRTP, Profibus and serial protocols. Development of custom API libraries for data exchanging between applications also of different platforms by using TCP/IP low-level telegrams (Level 2 / Level 3 interface).
  • Very good knowledge of PC hardware and of LAN Ethernet networks of PC (Microsoft Windows, MAC e Linux) that rely on the TCP/IP protocol and use Router, Firewall, Switch, Proxy, Wireless and VPN.
  • Knowledge and use of Content Management System (CMS) applications as WordPress and Joomla.
  • Knowledge and use of the Applications for the development of monitoring and supervision systems (SCADA/HMI) for Microsoft Windows platforms such as Wonderware InTouch, Siemens WinCC/PCS7, Citect, iFix, Movicon and for operator panels including PMI-Pro e ProTool.
  • Knowledge of Automation software such as SIEMENS Step7, PCS7 and CFC intended for Simulation Systems Applications (Simulink, MatLab, PSpice) and specific for electronic drawing and circuit projecting (Protel Schematics & PCB, Orcad).
  • Expertise of a great deal of software for the office, for instance Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Project, Adobe Acrobat etc. and of tools related to the use of Internet (Browser, e-mail, Telnet, Ftp etc.).


  • Interest in the standards of ANSI/ISA-95 and IEC62264 families and their XML implementation (B2MML or Business To Manufacturing Mark-up Language).
  • Great interest in scientific books, especially about geology, anthropology and astronomy. Interest in the reading of books on history, philosophy and art regarding different cultures.
  • Knowledge of English, both written and spoken. Great interest in the Chinese language, which I am studying.
  • Available for temporary, short or long-term, or permanent stay abroad. In the last 15 years I have passed more then 5 years in China, in periods of different length.

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