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JORDAN, Summer 2010

Holiday in Jordan. Visit of Amman known as Philadelphia in the ancient times. Visit of Roman and Crusader castles, Jerash (the roman city of Decapolis).

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AUSTRALIA, Winter 2008

Forty days of honeymoon in Australia. Our journey started from Melbourne and its surroundings, such as the Great Ocean Road and the Yarra Valley. Then we reached Alice Springs and Uluru.

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CHINA, Summer 2007

Holiday in China with Sandra. In this tour we visited the Taiyuan city, then we went to Yungang Grottoes and the Suspended Temple (Xuankong Si) in Datong. From here we went to Xian, then Shanghai and Suzho gardens and finally, we went back in Beijing.

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CHINA, Spring 2006

Job in Luoyang a prefecture-level city in western Henan province of Central China. Luoyang is one of the cradles of the Chinese civilization and was one of the Four Great Ancient Capitals of China. Visit of Longmen Grottoes, Luoyang Ancient Tombs Museum, Luoyang Museum, White Horse Temple and Shaolin Temple.

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TURKEY, Summer 2005

Holiday in Turkey with Sandra. Visit of Istanbul, Ankara, Hattusha, Cappadocia, the Caravanserai near Kayseri, Konya city, Hierapolis (Pamukkale), Ephesus, Pergamum, Troy and Canakkale.

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